Android Question How to send an anonymous SMS or use a short number

Alex Guerrero

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Hello, it is possible to send an "anonymous SMS" as does SMS Gateway or SIM Modem, I want to hide or change the number from where the SMS is sent by a short code or Short Sender [for example: +57 32043287## by 34512], the plan is to change the SMS to prepaid users for data (kbps) for internet access or voice calls.

Peter Simpson

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A quick guess would be I doubt that is even aloud for security reasons, I mean for example a malicious app sending out spam text messages springs to mind. I presumed that you would need to use an internet service of some kind to do that for you, but maybe another member can tell you otherwise.
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For sending SMS from a short number you need a transactional or promotional SMS gateway like Msg91 or AlibabaCloud SMS service. Transactional SMS will be delivered to all the numbers but promotional SMS will be delivered to only non-dnd users. You can use their API or SDK for sending an SMS from your app/webserver.

If you use promotional SMS service then you can send anything. But if you use transactional SMS service then you can only send approved SMS template.
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