1. U

    Android Question String Values Going Empty! Web Service(SOAP)

    Hello there, I am connecting to web service with SOAP using KSOAP2 library. I'm currently having a problem that I can't get out of for the user login section. When I send data via **** POST, it returns "successful" as 'result'. However, when I test the web service with SOAP, the email or...
  2. B

    B4J Question Trying to write some b4j code to connect to the Oracle Cloud

    Hi, Oracle has a tool, called RightNow. It provides resources for running queries and generating reports for remote databases. I'm looking at some Java code, as well as the Getting Started section in the...
  3. S

    Android Question Sharepoint online connection

    Dear B4A members and experts I am new to programming and B4A. my place of work has sharepoint online and we have many sites (teamsites) in sharepoint. I would like to make app to connect to data in a sharepoint list of a site to show data on the app on mobile. anybody please advise would be...
  4. ruy

    Android Question Aras Innovator application

    I am trying to write a simple application that requests some information from an Aras Innovator database. The Aras manual mentions the use of a IOM.Android.dll in Xamarin. I copy from the manual "A RT version of IOM.Android.dll can be found in the \Utilities\Aras Innovator <Version> IOM...
  5. B

    B4J Question SOAP Error when Passing Authorization Header

    I am trying to make some SOAP API calls and am running into issues with authorization. The API requires you pass a basic authentication header. If I use the following: Dim job1 As HttpJob Dim SoapXML As String= $"<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""...