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  1. M

    Android Question What is the current best option for offline Speech To Text

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an offline speech to text library... which the best one currently? I was using this one, but it stopped working... so I switched to this one, but this one misunderstand a lot of words... is not precise... Thanks in advance
  2. M

    Android Question Offline SpeechToText VOSK - Unexpected event (missing RaiseSynchronousEvents): stt_readytolisten

    Hi everyone, i'm using the speechtotext library by @Biswajit (thanks) i noticed that once i ported it to B4XPages it started throwing this errors in the logs... actually the sub exsists and infact then it works... but it does not seems to be a stable things, it has already happened that the...
  3. G

    Android Question SpeechToText Library works only in English

    Hi, I am referring to https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/speechtotext-continuous-offline-voice-recognition.134857/. I have tried the German models: vosk-model-de-0.21 is too big. The app crashes. vosk-model-small-de-zamia-0.3 crashes when you try "Speech to Text"...
  4. M

    Android Offline SpeechToText by Biswajit - Crash after changing model (Fix)

    Hi everyone, i don't know if this is the right place to post this. I'm trying out the library wrapped from @Biswajit (awesome work) https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/speechtotext-continuous-offline-voice-recognition.134857/#content I tried changing the voice model to work with another...
  5. M

    Bug? XSpeechRecognizer by MultiverseApp error occurred message - serious problem

    Hi eveyrone last year I made an app that uses XSpeechRecognizer by @Multiverse app library to detect words, infact you can see some posts of mine on the forum. However I received a report that some useres experienced a crash of the app when they start the Speech To Text. So I opened the project...
  6. freedom2000

    Share My Creation useless automatic morse keyer coder/decoder

    Here is an application (or a system) using a very old morse straight keyer to encode/decode Morse automatically. As I said it is more or less useless... but I had a lot of fun doing this ! Please have a look to this video :