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Here is an application (or a system) using a very old morse straight keyer to encode/decode Morse automatically.


As I said it is more or less useless... but I had a lot of fun doing this !

Please have a look to this video :

morse encoder runs on an ESP32 and uses this excellent library : etherkit morse lib
Things are not really complex !
loop code on arduino side:
void loop()
  if ((esp_timer_get_time() - LastStep) > (1000)) //must update morse lib every 1ms
    LastStep = esp_timer_get_time();
  if (morse.tx) ledcWrite(1, SERVO_BOTTOM);    //click
  else ledcWrite(1, SERVO_TOP);                //release click
the android App uses the Google voice to text service : voice recognition it sends the text to the ESP32 via BLE

The morse decoder uses the Lewis morse decoder to decode the morse stream : morse decoder
When a character is decoded it is sent to the bluetooth low energy keyboard for ESP32 : BLE keyboard
not really complex as well !
void loop()
  // call checkIncoming often enough to catch the incoming presses
  // send each Morse byte to BLE port
  if (Morse.available()) {
    int inByte =;
    copy[0] = inByte;
    if (isBleConnected) typeText(copy); //send it to the BLE keyboard
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