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  1. peacemaker

    B4J Library [Class] ResultCursor: cursor-like SQLite database object for compatibility with Android Cursor

    IMHO, cross-platform ResultSet class has disadvantages comparing to Android's cursor: access to any row, iterating the set many times (questions: one, two). And if there is a need to clone Android project with many Cursors objects to B4J ResultSet - i guess, such new class may help to simplify...
  2. Iatros

    B4J Question DBUtils.InsertMaps -> database locked / IllegalMonitorStateException

    Sorry for being stupid ! I try to save data to the database. Save behkopf or behdetail alone is running without an error. Both together I get two errors, dependent on the line sql.TransactionSuccessful database is locked (without sql.TransactionSuccessful) or...
  3. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how combine two sql query

    hi i want to combine two sql query Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE userid = ? ", Array As Int(uid)) Dim RS As ResultSet=Sql1.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM tbl OFFSET LIMIT ?,?",Array As String(0,10)) how do i this ??