1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [Web] PocketBase - running multiple instances in the same machine - different ports

    Hi Download PocketBase By default, after configuring PocketBase, i.e. the SQLite WebServer, it can run on port 8090 when you start it and use it for your back-ends. I have just learned that you can run multiple instances of PocketBase on the same machine and on different ports. 1. Ensure...
  2. Soheyl

    Android Question Server Side Event

    Hello everyone, I am able to connect to the ChatGPT API without any issues when the `Stream` argument is set to `False` and I use the HttpJob. However, when I tried connecting by enabling the `Stream` argument, I encountered problems with the OkHttpRequest. I found a sample MPEG Stream by Erel...
  3. drgottjr

    B4A Library B4A Welcomes SSE

    so, there's something called server side events (SSE). it apparently has something to do with notifications from a web server to a browser. i'm guessing it's what happens when you see an annoying pop-up message from a web server asking persmission to send you notifications. good luck with...
  4. victormedranop

    Android Question Does B4A have SSE (Server Send Event) support ?

    Hi, just wondering if b4a have full support over SSE? Thanks, Victor