1. amorosik

    Android Question How to start a second app and pass/return parameter ?

    I have an app without a UI that runs as a background service When he receives an sms with a specific command he has to start a second app and pass it commands (text strings) The second app, which has a user interface, when closed by the operator must return information (text strings) to the...
  2. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] how to add a .jar to the windows start panel?

    how can i add a .jar "executable" file to windows 10 start panel? i made a link and put it to the others there but windows ignore it.
  3. appie21

    iOS Question App name with spaces = appname without spaces

    I have upload my app to the app store it is called "Ado Fan Community" But the name of my app at the start screens shows the name without spaces (AdoFanCommunity) How Can I use spaces in my app name?
  4. B

    Android Question where to start for a second register

    Hi, i am still trying to learn b4a, so excuse some mistakes.... I am coding on my first "bigger" app, and want to create a second and a third register or site on it. I will try to explain it. Lets say this should be a notes app, where you should be able to do some notes for private things, and...