Android Question where to start for a second register


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i am still trying to learn b4a, so excuse some mistakes....
I am coding on my first "bigger" app, and want to create a second and a third register or site on it.

I will try to explain it. Lets say this should be a notes app, where you should be able to do some notes for private things, and some notes for your work.

There should be one site (name A) with headline private, a second site (name B) for notes (headline work)for your work, and a third site (name C) for settings (with headline settings).

On every site there should be something like a navigation bar, with A - B - C where you could then switch between that sites.

I am searching for the right place, example or tutorial where i could start reading and learnig, to be able to write the code or app like described.

I just need some starting help please to find the right entry in that issue. I was already searching for that, but i think i did not know the right search term for it, because english is not my native language.

Thank you very much!



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Hi Manfred,
thank you for that!
I have already done a lot of reading Beginners and User Guide and others, and after doing the examples i want to start my first own app.
I was expecting a more detailed link, where an example of what i try to do is shown.
Maybe you have one!
Thank you!