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  1. R

    iOS Question Audio Streaming issue using AVplayer

    Hello, I have a sports app with a "Radio" icon that play an audio stream from shoutcheap: I was using AVplayer and everything was working fine until some weeks ago (not sure how long). Is not working in any iOS device, but the code didn't change (I actually didn't upgrade de app) The code is...
  2. B

    Android Question Player for Calm Radio Streaming service.

    I am looking for ideas on how to create an app to play the streams of "Calm Radio" I have tried the Media Player using the Audio library and the EXOPlayer. Neither of these appear to work. One url plays on these services: iTunes | Roku Soundbridge | VLC | Palm | Dune | Synology |Grace...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Running a streaming app without it being put to sleep by Android

    Greetings, Android is killing (putting to sleep) my radio streaming app. Originally, I placed all of the app code in the main module. It works fine for long periods of time only if I stay in the app. If I exit the app or turn the phone screen off, Android was killing it after about 3 or 4...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - ExoPlayer - Not connecting when used in a "Default" B4A app.

    Greetings, I have been using the original sample project that came with the ExoPlayer and modified it so I could stream a radio source from the web. That works perfectly. Since I was satisfied that I could stream the radio station, I created a new "default" app from scratch. I copy and pasted...
  5. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - ExoPlayer - Displaying song title and artist name when streaming

    Greetings, I'm using the ExoPlayer to steam a live radio show. Is the player able to extract the song title and artist name for the currently playing song? Thanks.
  6. mcqueccu

    Android Question Exoplayer "getPlackbackState Not found" error when checking for buffering state

    I want to be able to know when my radio streaming app is buffering or idle but i kept getting this error. Sub Process_Globals Dim exoplay As SimpleExoPlayer Dim connect As String = "" Dim tm As Timer End Sub...