1. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question [ Open Broadcaster Software ] is there any way to create an udp server to receive data from OBS ?

    Hello guys, I'm doing research on how to stream through OBS to an HTML 5 page with video.js, is there any way I can make a server to receive data from OBS using rtmp or udp for a server made in B4J? ?
  2. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Video Streaming with HTTPServer

    Hello Community, I have been researching this for a while now, but could not find any solution in B4A. I would like to stream a video found on users phone using http server. Now i think the HTTPServer lib is limited some how cuz it doesnt allow me to access the outputstream. Also this stream...
  3. Yeskay

    iOS Question SGPlayer Framework to play RTMP Streaming

    Please let me know how to implement SGPlayer framework to play RTMP.
  4. Yeskay

    B4J Question How to play a HLS or RTMP Streaming url in B4J

    i want to design an application for RaspberryPi to play HLS or RTMP Streaming videos in full screen. i don't know how to start it with B4J. Help me with sample code.
  5. I

    Android Question Adroid screen streaming to Web

    Hi Can someone guide me about streaming android mobile screen to network and can be view from any PC browser.
  6. moster67

    B4A Library YouTube-DL (extract direct urls)

    YouTube-DL - extract direct urls This is a wrapper for an Android adaption of YouTube-DL. It was written by tastelessjolt and can be found on his/her repository on GitHub: Many users asked me if we can stream YouTube streams with...
  7. mcqueccu

    Android Question How do I Check if Exoplayer isplaying or paused?

    Please am streaming a radio and I have a button to toggle if exoplayer is playing or paused. But am finding it difficult to check if Exoplayer Isplaying just like in the mediaplayerstreamer lib so that i can display the correct button.
  8. Jmu5667

    Android Code Snippet Audio Streamer - Amplify Audio Buffer/ Microphone Boost

    Hello I recently needed to add an audio amplifier to a new PTT app we have developed. I found this code on the web and through I would share it. ' // in an activity ' // slider bar values 0-30 (30...
  9. R

    Spanish Necesito que dos usuarios hablen desde un celular a un smartwatch

    Hola a todos, Soy nuevo en esto y debo lograr que desde un dispositivo (celular o tablet) un usuario pueda hablar con otro el cual posee un smartwatch. Estuve viendo cual es la mejor manera, tomando algunos ejemplos que encontre por aca (walkie-talkie) la cual usa AsyncStreams, por un lado y...
  10. S

    Android Question Capture streaming from hdmi ??

    Hi, i want to purchase b4A ide, but i want to know if is possible to develop my project. I need to create an app for tvbox that capture the streaming video from hdmi input port and see this streaming into app inside videoview for example. It's possible?