1. R

    iOS Question Audio Streaming issue using AVplayer

    Hello, I have a sports app with a "Radio" icon that play an audio stream from shoutcheap: I was using AVplayer and everything was working fine until some weeks ago (not sure how long). Is not working in any iOS device, but the code didn't change (I actually didn't upgrade de app) The code is...
  2. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_Streaming (DEMO)

    This library is developed in JAVA and is a wrapper of the VLCj library. Is based on the code by @moster67 (see here). It has been reworked to obtain an h.264 streaming from the pc cam, streaming of an mp4 video and finally of the desktop and a portion of it, You must have VLC installed in your...
  3. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_VideoStreaming (DEMO)

    This library is a rework of the SD_Streaming library which is itself based on a source from @moster67. You must also download SD_Streaming from here with all its dependencies to work. NOTE To the SD_Streaming library it adds a few functions to make some methods simple. In particular, it is not...
  4. yo3ggx

    Android Question HTML5 audio in a webview

    Hello. I have an application that connects to a web page using a hidden webview and then send different javascript commands. That web page, when connected, automatically starts streaming audio. On some Android devices (different Android versions from 5 to and including 13), audio is played, on...
  5. Star-Dust

    B4J Video Conference / Video Streaming (RTSP H.264) / and webRTC

    This is my umpteenth videoconference production between two PCs. In the past I have tried streaming moving images in MPEG and streaming separate audio. It was running very slow and only suitable for local networks. Now I'm testing with H264 audio / video compression and the transmission is...
  6. alis1200

    Android Question Camera stream on RTMP protocol

    Hello To create a live stream, you need to transfer the content from a source such as a camera, screen or a file to the client device through one of the streaming protocols in the form of packets, in the client device with exactly the same protocol as the transfer operation was done with it, we...
  7. S

    Android Question Possible to stream MP3 with exoplayer from password protected webfolder?

    Hello, I'm using the exoplayer to stream mp3 from my server. Is it possible to stream from a protected folder? So the mp3 stays protected from unwanted downloading and only streaming via the app is possible? If yes, then please how to do that? I've searched but I can't find similar example...
  8. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Skype & Twitch Alternative : Source code for sale

    Hello everyone, *Thank you Erel for making this possible for all of us :) Watching apps like Skype making 41.1 Million dollars per year (in 2019), and twitch making 3.9 Billion dollars per year All of the above numbers makes us all think, why isn't my app next to them? making millions if not...
  9. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Running a streaming app without it being put to sleep by Android

    Greetings, Android is killing (putting to sleep) my radio streaming app. Originally, I placed all of the app code in the main module. It works fine for long periods of time only if I stay in the app. If I exit the app or turn the phone screen off, Android was killing it after about 3 or 4...
  10. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - ExoPlayer - Not connecting when used in a "Default" B4A app.

    Greetings, I have been using the original sample project that came with the ExoPlayer and modified it so I could stream a radio source from the web. That works perfectly. Since I was satisfied that I could stream the radio station, I created a new "default" app from scratch. I copy and pasted...
  11. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question [ Open Broadcaster Software ] is there any way to create an udp server to receive data from OBS ?

    Hello guys, I'm doing research on how to stream through OBS to an HTML 5 page with video.js, is there any way I can make a server to receive data from OBS using rtmp or udp for a server made in B4J? ?
  12. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Video Streaming with HTTPServer

    Hello Community, I have been researching this for a while now, but could not find any solution in B4A. I would like to stream a video found on users phone using http server. Now i think the HTTPServer lib is limited some how cuz it doesnt allow me to access the outputstream. Also this stream...
  13. sentechnologies

    iOS Question SGPlayer Framework to play RTMP Streaming

    Please let me know how to implement SGPlayer framework to play RTMP.
  14. sentechnologies

    B4J Question How to play a HLS or RTMP Streaming url in B4J

    i want to design an application for RaspberryPi to play HLS or RTMP Streaming videos in full screen. i don't know how to start it with B4J. Help me with sample code.
  15. I

    Android Question Adroid screen streaming to Web

    Hi Can someone guide me about streaming android mobile screen to network and can be view from any PC browser.
  16. moster67

    B4A Library YouTube-DL (extract direct urls)

    YouTube-DL - extract direct urls This is a wrapper for an Android adaption of YouTube-DL. It was written by tastelessjolt and can be found on his/her repository on GitHub: Many users asked me if we can stream YouTube streams with...
  17. mcqueccu

    Android Question How do I Check if Exoplayer isplaying or paused?

    Please am streaming a radio and I have a button to toggle if exoplayer is playing or paused. But am finding it difficult to check if Exoplayer Isplaying just like in the mediaplayerstreamer lib so that i can display the correct button.
  18. Jmu5667

    Android Code Snippet Audio Streamer - Amplify Audio Buffer/ Microphone Boost

    Hello I recently needed to add an audio amplifier to a new PTT app we have developed. I found this code on the web and through I would share it. ' // in an activity ' // slider bar values 0-30 (30...
  19. R

    Spanish Necesito que dos usuarios hablen desde un celular a un smartwatch

    Hola a todos, Soy nuevo en esto y debo lograr que desde un dispositivo (celular o tablet) un usuario pueda hablar con otro el cual posee un smartwatch. Estuve viendo cual es la mejor manera, tomando algunos ejemplos que encontre por aca (walkie-talkie) la cual usa AsyncStreams, por un lado y...
  20. S

    Android Question Capture streaming from hdmi ??

    Hi, i want to purchase b4A ide, but i want to know if is possible to develop my project. I need to create an app for tvbox that capture the streaming video from hdmi input port and see this streaming into app inside videoview for example. It's possible?