1. F

    Android Question Replace variables in string

    Hi all, i want to replace dinamically variables in strings. Something like this I recibe a string in a JSON and after the parse i obtain this: JSONdata = "The New date is: g_date" the app has the variable: Dim g_date as String g_date = "31/12/2022" So i need when i put the JSONdata to a...
  2. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question How to collect all strings in b4a editor and program translation

    Hello I have already created a big project and now some of my users are outside my country and their language is different from my country. Now I want to make the program multilingual. There are many activities inside my project and there are many strings inside each activity. Now how can I...
  3. D

    Android Question Null and "" what is the best practice

    Hi, Guys I am in the process of cleaning up some old code (which does work). This code appears to use null or "" relating to strings in indicate they are empty. I remember reading a Post from Erel saying best not to use Null for some situations (but I can't find it) and I could have got it...
  4. KMatle

    B4R Question Native C: How to use Strings/Chars?

    I'm working on how to use AES with an ESP32. Everything is fine except how to use/return strings (byte arrays/chars). There are some threads but I don't get it. Code: Private enc() As Byte ' In Globals RunNative("InitAES",Null) ' Call Inline C #if C #include <mbedtls/aes.h> char rstr[50]...