Android Question How to collect all strings in b4a editor and program translation

I have already created a big project and now some of my users are outside my country and their language is different from my country. Now I want to make the program multilingual. There are many activities inside my project and there are many strings inside each activity.
Now how can I collect all those strings inside my b4a and put them in a txt file?
I had another question to ask here with Earl's permission. How do I recognize the user's language and country in the first place, like Instagram? To launch the language appropriate to his country automatically?


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Hi there. Good questions. If you give the search a chance you will find several threads to read that will help you.
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Since all code source files (with suffix .b4a and .bas) are text files, they can become the data for a parsing program, looking for all terms( words).
You'll have fun doing the parsing in B4J.

Copy the myProgram.b4a file in Objects folder and input the data with Dim lines as List = File.ReadList(File.DirApp, "myProgram.b4a")

The second question deserves it's own thread.
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