1. M

    iOS Question Add subtitle to VideoPlayer?

    Hi, How to add external subtitle file to VideoPlayer? For example: VideoPlayer1.Play VideoPlayer1.LoadSubtitle(File.DirInternal,Subtitle.str) see this in github
  2. ncgege

    Android Question Exoplayer subtitle issue

    Hi,Erel I've saw one example you wrote on our form, and I did like these codes ,just change the srt file and video to mine ,the playerview works but don't show the subtitle. can you have a look at these codes,thank you. Sub...
  3. E

    Wish Transcription/subtitling of B4X tutorial videos

    re: YouTube has an automatic transcription/subtitling feature, but apparently it has to be enabled by the video uploader (news to me - I thought all videos were done by...
  4. E

    Check out these cheerful faces

    I think we've all experienced projects where a little C4 would have brightened things up...
  5. M

    Android Question ExoPlayer subtitles

    its posible to load srt in exoplayer, i think in the lib is missing that part. any advice? thanks in advance