Wish Transcription/subtitling of B4X tutorial videos


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YouTube has an automatic transcription/subtitling feature, but apparently it has to be enabled by the video uploader (news to me - I thought all videos were done by default).

The probable section for doing this is "TRANSLATIONS & TRANSCRIPTIONS" (not shouting; just matching YouTube's casing ;-)


and I assume that if you set the default language to English, that might trigger the automatic transcription (or at least add it to the to-do list, where it might take a few days to be done).


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Thanks to everyone! I will review some of the videos now. I had noticed before that some Youtube videos had the captions and some did not but why had always escaped me. Captions and setting the speed at 75% helps a bunch. I am almost retired now and most of my programming time is spent on a personal app that I call CashFlow. So far I have had the data in csv files, Access files, and txt files feeding into a discontinued grid called Sharpgrid. I am excited about getting it out of VB6 and Sharpgrid and trying it using csv files and B4XTable using SQL for filtering and then adding Android and iPhone access to the data.