1. R

    Android Question Dynamic Quiz/Form Advice

    I currently have two applications built in B4A & B4J that work as employee management software, using a SQL database. I'm looking to add a forms feature so that the manager can create a questionnaire on the pc which the employee would then complete on the android app. Obviously I need to avoid...
  2. MitchBu

    Android Question Trying to turn off suggestions on EditText

    I tried to apply the solutions posted here and here To no avail, I still get suggestions for an EditText on my Huawei P-Smart phone...
  3. netkomm

    B4X : Some suggestions and ideas for Erel

    Hi Erel, I have some suggestions about B4X and, given that for necessity I had to move away from B4A/B4I and jump ship to Ionic and soon Flutter, this is my feedback I can offer so that B4X could be a valid alternative to those environments especially for many of us who are a 1 man show and...