1. aeric

    Share My Creation [web] Support Ticketing System

    Preview Web API Demo Current version: 0.15 Status: Released Price: $120 $60 (50% discount until 31/07/2023) Sample Code Private Sub GetClients #region Documentation ' #Version = v2 ' #Desc = List all clients #End region Try If Not(user_type = "staff")...
  2. A

    Wish Live support or one by one support in real time

    Would it be a good idea to implement some kind of live support that can be done over teamviewer or zoom. For example developer has a situation that needs a code analysis or certificate, provision profiles analysis. It can be even paid live support session. What do you think?
  3. Sandman

    Android Question Anyone recognize this situation regarding mobile not connected to the Internet?

    Important note: The quotes in this post are translated to English so they will most likely not match exactly what's displayed on an English Android mobile. I have a brand new user with a somewhat unusual mobile (CAT S62 Pro), and when he install my app and try to run it, it instantly crashes...
  4. sadeq.hitex

    Tool Hitex xHelper - Android package converter

    Hitex xHelper is a free simple tool to automatically convert old support to new androidx packages. you can convert and save easily by drag your xml or java files into the text area and drop it. for example if you type old support recyclerview package and click Convert To X , it changes to new...
  5. K

    Android Question ULV with designer support example

    I want example of ultimatelistview with designer. My listview is getting complicated by code script. I want to create new designer layout and then load that layout, like we done in custom listview. Thanks
  6. carlos7000

    Spanish Artefacto de Maven no encontrado:

    La solución a este problema es instalar el Android Support Repository. Lo puede hacer desde la ventana principal de Android SDK Manager.