1. walterf25

    B4J Question miniHtmlParser help

    Hi all, I have never used this library but I would like to try and parse the following URL here what I am trying to do is parse Opera Librettos, if you guys can check the URL you'll notice that there's the Original language and the translated which both are placed in a table, I am having a hard...
  2. R

    Android Question B4XTable number of table rows after a search

    The B4XTable class (in the B4X lib file) has the variable mCurrentCount, indicating the total number of rows of the table. However it seems this is not available when you have run a filter (SQL with where clause). For this reason the last page button (>|) is always greyed out as the last page...
  3. Luis_FY

    Spanish Consultar el nombre de las tablas en una base de datos

    Saludos amigos, estoy tratando de hacer una app usando SQL, hasta ahorita no hay problema para crear desde mi app una base de datos interna y crear n cantidad de tablas para manejar una por dĂ­a por poner un ejemplo. El problema principal que tengo es que si nombro a una Tabla A1 y vuelvo a...

    Android Question Add columns to the sqlite table

    Hello friends 🌹 I have a sqlite database "master.db" with a table "table1" The columns of the table are: " ID, first_name, last_name" I want to check if there is no "phone_number" column, add it and save a data in "phone_number" column . (with coding sqlite commands in the program) 1_How...
  5. G

    B4J Question [Solved] OpenDocx get Text from Cells in MSWord Table

    I have a MS Word (docx) file with a table in it, 2 rows each with 3 cells. What I am trying to figure out is how to log the text of each cell. The table looks like this: The code (below) found on examples on this forum in this form is logging just the first cell in the first row. I can get...
  6. Eric McDonald

    Android Question Using Searchview to capture String

    Hello all, Fairly new to B4A, so this may be a simple question... but it's got me stumped. I am using a SearchView as found in the SearchViewExample (found on the forum). However, I am having difficulty implementing it into my own code. What I wish to do is take the selected text (from the...
  7. C

    Android Question Best table library (like MS DataGridView)

    Hello! What do you think is the best library to show results in table mode as DataGridView does in MS Visual Studio? Some features I need are: - Sort by column - Load from list - Change row colors individually - Change sizes of rows and columns - Get and Set values from/to any cell I've been...
  8. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD FlexGrid (Table)

    I created a new library to show a table (or grid) similar to the one in EXCEL. There are already excellent classes that allow many to accomplish things, such as xCustomListView by @Erel (B4X) and with the FlexibleTable by @klaus (B4A). I wanted to make something slightly different suited to...
  9. carlos7000

    Spanish Tabla para mostrar Datos [Solucionado].

    Hola ÂżAlguien conoce una forma sencilla de mostrar datos en una tabla? Me gustarĂ­a una tabla que se le pueda configurar la fuente, los colores del titulo, ideal que los que los elementos de la tabla soporten eventos como 'Click' Saludos.
  10. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Using jSQL to Lock a mySQL table for writing

    Hello. I'm writing an app that allows several computers to add new orders to the database. To avoid any conflicts, I want to make sure that when one system is adding a new list of orders, no others can interrupt and will have to wait for the first one to finish up. I understand that the most...
  11. Mashiane

    Is it possible to create a table on a thread?

    Hi there I'm thinking with all the toolbar functionality when creating a thread, how can one add a table in his/her post? Is that even possible whether in BB code or rich text editor? Thanks