1. hamedafrough

    Android Question tag & sender

    hello everyone please help me, how can I relate between p1 (lkoleaza) & p2 (lkoleaza_slvlbl) with tag and sender I want when boss clicked on the name of users, information of user show at activity p2. thanks for your kindness. codes of p1 ub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)...
  2. hamedafrough

    Android Question tag & sender

    Hello everyone I have a main activity that includes a multi-panel including ID, name and family. When I click on the name and family tags that are displayed together on a label, more details of the user information are displayed on another page, which also displays the information in a scroll...
  3. AKJammer

    Android Question Tag property in CustomListView ?

    I'm trying to get the name of the customlistview that is being accessed. Looking in the forum, storing the name in the tag seems to be the agreed method and I can see it in the designer. Problem is, there doesn't appear to be a tag property available at runtime. Was that an oversight or am...
  4. walterf25

    Java Question Extends Service Library

    Hi All, i am currently working on a NFCEmulator library wrapper, i found a full project online which emulates an NFC card and another project that acts as the reader, i have been able to run both of these projects with Android Studio and they both seem to work as expected. Now i am trying to...