1. PhilN

    Android Question How can I create custom themes (skins) based on own GUI (not Android themes)

    I want to create different skins for my app based on different themes like modern, space age, historic, grunge, rustic etc. For a start I would like to create only 3 themes which can be packaged with the app even though it might bloat the app somewhat. I do not use Android themes as each button...
  2. Brian Michael

    B4J Library [BMStyle] CSS Themes

    Hi i make a simple Module for set css style on your proyect. BMStyle just load CSS files. Here you can see some examples: MAC OS: MIST SILVER: MODENA: BREEZE: NIGTH: FLAT BEE: METRO LIGHT: METRO DARK: HOW TO USE: 'BMStyle.ApplyTheme(Form as Form, Array()...
  3. Brian Michael

    B4J Code Snippet [JavaFX] - Metro Style CSS

    Hello, I will show you how to install this Metro skin in your projects. It is a JavaFX css style that allows you to modify the controls, giving it a metro effect. I use JMetro CSS files from: Some Issues you have to know. Thanks to @tchart DEMO: DEFAULT B4J: METRO STYLE LIGHT: METRO...