Android Question How can I create custom themes (skins) based on own GUI (not Android themes)


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I want to create different skins for my app based on different themes like modern, space age, historic, grunge, rustic etc. For a start I would like to create only 3 themes which can be packaged with the app even though it might bloat the app somewhat. I do not use Android themes as each button and readout has its own highly customized graphics. Thus there will be 3 sets of graphics, one for each theme. I was wondering how to change themes. One idea I thought of was to create a directory containing all the graphic content for a particular theme, say Space Age, and another directory, say Rustic, containing graphic elements with the same names as in the first directory but with entirely different Rustic look. Then perhaps one could in some way redirect the content directories and re-load the layouts with the new theme.

This is where I would like some advice or suggestions. Any ideas?