title bar

  1. AkuryuBR

    Android Question Biometric error with title

    Ho to all, i have a strange problem, of i install the biometric example and set the title of application off, the title don't disappear, instead of i commenti the code in this mode #AdditionalJar: androidx.biometric:biometric '#Extends: android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity #AdditionalJar...
  2. irda

    Android Question How show or hide title bar for B4XPages?

    I am using the native menu together with B4XDrawer, but I am encountering a problem that I cannot find a solution for. I have three b4xpages. In the first two I don't want to show the title of the page so I have this option disabled in the layout designer. Despite this, the title bar appears on...
  3. saeed10051

    Android Question Title bar in android app

    Hi All, I am trying to remove title bar from my app, there are Show title and Full screen properties for Activity but they are not letting me remove the title bar. Can anyone help in this.