1. N

    Android Question EAP TLS 1.3 wifi authentication

    Hey, I have a free radius server that support eap tls 1.3. I send an eap tls authentication using Windows 11 and see by wireshark that packet are really eap tls 1.3. but then when i do it using Android that support eap tls 1.3 by default I see an Client hello of 1.2 without the extension of...
  2. H

    Android Tutorial Understanding Network security configuration

    Every developer must understand this article if developing any kind of network communication app. Android os recent versions put end apps users privacy at the heart of its platform, the network communication between apps MUST BE secure by default, meaning connection must be to HTTPS not HTTP ...
  3. P

    B4J Question Downgrade TLS1.3 to TLS1.2

    The client is running SAP version that apparently does not work with TLS 1.3 Is it possible to downgrade B4J Non-UI app to use TLS 1.2 instead? thank you
  4. J

    B4J Question [B4X] jMQTT - TLS with self signed certificates

    Hello I want to use an encryptes MQTT connection in all my B4J projects. My local Mosquitto MQTT broker has been configured to use TLS with a server and client certificate, both self signed, but there is no option in the library to parse the certificate to setup the connection. I followed this...
  5. F

    Android Question Mqtt -

    Hi, I have a problem with mqtt library version 1.01 I have to connect via ssl connection to my mosquitto server; I followed the tutorial at this link, but I have these errors...
  6. avalle

    B4J Question How to implement TLS client authentication in B4J server?

    Normally, a TLS client verifies the server’s certificate. It’s also possible for the server to require a signed certificate from the client. These are called Client Certificates. This ensures that not only the client can trust the server, but that the server can also trusts the client. Is this...
  7. I

    Android Question TLS v1.2 or higher

    Hi All How do we ensure that the device is using TLS V1.2 or higher when calling web services using https? Thanks iCAB
  8. W

    Android Question OkHttpUtils2 and SSL-Problem (maybe TLS?) [SOLVED]

    Hi! I want to download a text-file from a webserver via https (unfortunally the server doesn't support http). I'm using the library: OkHttpUtils2 on Android 4.4.2 This is my code: Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("", Me) j.Download("") Wait For (j)...