1. Dave O

    Android Question unexpected Asian character in toast with Material font

    I'm using csBuilder to prefix toast messages with a Material-font icon (checkmark), using the Material font TTF file (so I can get the latest icons). This worked fine until recently, when I noticed that my latest builds (using B4A 11.x) are replacing the checkmark with an Asian (?) character...
  2. Mohsen Torabi

    B4A Library MaatisaLibs - Collection of Themes & Tools

    Hi to all. First of all, My English is bad so i am sorry. I am using B4A for long time, and I am thankful to B4X community and Erel, Because it changes my programming life. This is my first semi-pro;) library, So i hope it will be useful for you. This lib contains 4 Classes and one manifest...
  3. mshafiee110

    B4A Library ParsQue(Que)

    Hi ,it wraps this Github project. Library to create fully customizable Bootstrap styled alerts...