1. OliverA

    B4A Class Camera2Torch - Torch using B4A's Camera2 library

    Attached is the class Camera2Torch. It uses B4A's Camera2 library to use Android's CameraManager's setTorchMode method. Please note that this method is only available since API23, whereas CameraManager is available as of API21. This has been successfully tested (via sideloading...
  2. DavideV

    B4A Class Torch class

    Hello, this is a simple B4A class to make easy the use of the built-in led of our beloved android devices. Tested on various devices up to android 8. The goal is to use the led as a Torch. The code is commented and comes with an example. It uses inline java and depends on: -Javaobject lib...
  3. P

    Android Question Turn On / Off Flash Led

    Hi to all, I'am trying to use the flash led of the phone like a Torch. I searched the community and found some examples (listed below), but none of them work in newer phone. To be more specific: - Motorola XT1039, Android 5: All example works - Sony Z5 Compact, Android 7: No Example Work -...