1. H


    这是我第一次接触B4X的时候写的一个小工具。 采用讯飞小牛翻译付费接口。价格是100万字符/48元。讯飞小牛翻译针对新用户提供了200万字符的免费试用量。 可以用它来翻译B4X库附带的XML文件。翻译后,在B4X IDE中编写代码时悬浮的说明就变成中文了,并且同时保留了原文以防止机翻不准确。 需要自己到讯飞小牛官网开通付费接口 。100万字符量应该够所有库的XML说明翻译了。 请将您自己的APIKey、APISecret、appid填写到 api授权.txt, 并保存。 讯飞小牛翻译网址: 链接...
  2. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question How to collect all strings in b4a editor and program translation

    Hello I have already created a big project and now some of my users are outside my country and their language is different from my country. Now I want to make the program multilingual. There are many activities inside my project and there are many strings inside each activity. Now how can I...
  3. R

    Android Question How to determine language file to use

    MY app is about to be translated to French. I have 2 string files (stringEN.xml and stringFR.xml) I want the system to automatically know which file to use for my labels based on the language used by the user. How do I do that?