1. Z

    Bug? Connect to server with protocole UDP

    Hello, when I call my server with my library, it works only in Debug mode but crashes in Release mode. And i added permission in manifest: AddPermission(android.permission.INTERNET) The problem is on all my phones, they are with the following android version: 8.0, 9.0 and 11.0. It’s a huawei...
  2. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question problem load bitmap with byte() tcp

    hi i send image with c# server to b4a tcp client and after get error load bitmap error. this code very good work for udp just error in tcp from b4a i think problem for tcp b4a img = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\at\Pictures\download.jpeg"); ms = new MemoryStream()...
  3. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question can get video with udp?

    hi i need get and show video or image with udp and show to my b4a app server c# client b4a
  4. M

    B4J Question Having Trouble Extracting Fields From UDP Packet (NetFlow Protocol)

    Hello All, I have a project where I need to receive Netflow V5 Packets and extract the Source and Destination IP Addresses inside the PDUs - I'm using B4J on Windows 10 Problem: Extracting the Netflow packet Header fields seems to work okay but when I get to the PDUs I cannot find the Source...
  5. L

    Android Question Program does not work after migrating from B4A 9.80 to 10.70

    Hello last year I wrote a class (in B4A 9.80) that uses UDPSocket and resumable subs to learn B4X starting from my needs. I installed B4A 10.70 in a new VM and found that with the new version it doesn't work (with the old it still works). Private Sub WaitForMessageHelper (Result() As Object) As...
  6. M

    B4R Question esp32 does not receive UDP broadcast data

    hi. i use udp in b4a,b4j,b4r and it works fine when set client ip. i can send data to from esp32 and all client windows and android can get all data. but my esp32 not get broadcast data just could get data when i send data to esp32 ip.( i think my modem access point...
  7. D

    Android Question No response from remote host

    Hello! I'm making an app that revolves around Android phone and Raspberry Pi 3 communication via WiFi (by UDP packets exchange). I'm running a python script on Raspberry Pi which sends some data to the Android phone, but only when it receives a request from the phone. My question is: Is there...
  8. M

    iOS Question UDP_PacketArrived fires only one time

    Hi, i already did a post on UDP, where Erel suggest me to do a simper project (i copied the one in the guide) but i doensn't work I send a packet when pressing a button, my server always respond with another packet saying "OK", the problem is that the sub "PacketArrived" fires only the first...
  9. M

    iOS Question UDP sending error data in Release mode

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to use UDP to send packets, but i'm getting some errors. I tried this code on an iPhoneXR and it works in debug and also in release(last os version)... i tried the same code on an iPhone6 but when it is in release it doesn't work I need to send a packet, and then wait...
  10. SJQ

    Android Question Receiving UDP Broadcast Packets when phone suspended.

    Building on the ‘Background Location Tracking’ example. I am trying to do something similar with UDP Sockets. I need to receive UDP broadcast packets from several Huzzah32-ESP32 with an array of connected sensors every few seconds or so, log this data in a database and if specific trigger...
  11. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how share list or map betwen two b4j app in local

    hi i have two b4j app and i want to send a list or map or array as strings to other app two app are in same pc and local i saw and check topic udp - B4xSerializator and others i could use udp socket and connect two app its ok but in udp can send only bytes i attached my projects in receiver...
  12. S

    Android Question Receive data from wifi in udp mode

    Hi, I want to display nmea navigation data on an android tablet. The data is transmitted wifi by an AIT3000 AIS and is received by an ipad running InavX. The ipad lives in the cabin of the boat and it's very useful to have a repeater by the wheel, and I want to use an android tablet. Because...
  13. rtek1000

    Android Question [Solved] Android blocking receiving UDP broadcast

    Hello, I'm trying to implement a auto discovery system, but Android 6 is blocking receiving UDP sent via broadcast, the app can send broadcast but not receive. Android 6 do not receive "" and not even "" Android 6 only receives UDP if the transmitter directs to...
  14. E


    I have running a timer every second for making a stopwatch. Three variables sec, minute and hour are taken. Sec is incremented with every timer tick and minute is incremented when sec value reaches 60. Everything is working fine. Now I want to broadcast the value of time in 00:00:00...
  15. I

    B4J Library [B4X] Ryze/DJI Tello drone SDK -app

    Ryze/DJI Tello drone is a cheap drone (99$) - more info on https://www.ryzerobotics.com/tello Some of the interesting features are altitude stabilization, WIFI control - mobile app, camera image stabilization, etc and, of course, control the drone thanks to the IOS/Android app, Droneblocks and...