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  1. Marvel

    Share My Creation Project 8 - Exploring UI capabilities

    Hi guys, I thought I should share what I've been exploring with the B4x community. I recently set out to do some exploration to see how much I can achieve by using jut B4a internal tools(libraries) for an apps UI. The result is what you will see further in this post. After I managed to create...
  2. S

    Share My Creation B4A UI . Dashboard and Notification

    Hi . My first UI work:). It's not a full app, just dashboard and notifications. I hope it's be useful file size is about 1.7MB so i can't attach it here You can download file from MEGA : https://mega.nz/file/qHBB0Aob#y5kqdcLwDa1_g_D8Gs8xEJbyXzeOW1KXhKJ0_n1Jwa8 Inspired by Mithun Ray
  3. JCO

    B4J Question Run UI App in Linux - Ubuntu 18.04.2

    Hello, I have a pretty simple UI B4J App which basically calls a Web Page, receives a response and shows it on a form. It works perfectly in Windows, but I can't get it to run on Ubuntu. I get this error: It was createded on B4J 7.31 with JDK 11.0.1 On the Linux box, both jdk and jfx 11 are...