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  1. ramezaniabbas

    Share My Creation Source code for sale (Ui max_co)

    Hello We are very happy to have friends like you I hope you like our work 🙏 2-UM Filimo We are very happy to present a new design for public sale today This source code can be run on B4A, B4i Price: $18 Email us to receive the source code: uiuxdesignb4a@gmail.com Our PayPal Account...
  2. ramezaniabbas

    Share My Creation Ui/Ux + Animation

    One of the designs of our team All animations are created using b4x code and libraries and do not require an external library. This is the latest design by our team. First it is designed in Figma and then everything is transferred to b4a layout and then animations added. Your application can’t...
  3. Marvel

    Share My Creation Project 8 - Exploring UI capabilities

    Hi guys, I thought I should share what I've been exploring with the B4x community. I recently set out to do some exploration to see how much I can achieve by using jut B4a internal tools(libraries) for an apps UI. The result is what you will see further in this post. After I managed to create...
  4. ramezaniabbas

    Android Tutorial B4X Ui/Ux 👨‍🎓👩‍🏫

    Ui max_co Hello friends 👨‍💻👩‍💻 We are here to show the world the power and beauty of B4X-built apps New post 16-UM Filimo ......... Click to watch the video...