1. GeoT

    Android Code Snippet Unescape Unicode sequences for Spanish language

    Erel created a sub for unescape or decode Unicode sequences to transform unicode characters, with the structure \uXXXX, into real characters. In https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/when-getting-query-results-i-cant-read-hebrew.27461/post-159533 Is good for processing texts that come from...
  2. K

    B4J Question B4J Sinhala Unicode issue

    I have a MySQL database in which some columns contain "Sinhala Unicode" texts. I'm using the JDBCSQL Library to connect this MySQL database with my B4J application. Here is the table structure: CREATE TABLE `tbl_tax_arpa_acres` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `arpa` text...
  3. epiCode

    Android Question Regex Replace with Unicode Support ?

    I use this pattern to detect all matching numbers irrespective of unicode script which is \p{N}. It works fine on all regex testing sites but it returns a blank string when used with regex.replace. Sub RemoveNumbersAndBrackets(inputString As String) As String Dim outputString As String...
  4. epiCode

    Android Code Snippet Detect Language of String from Unicode Characters

    Different languages use different Unicode Ranges to display their characters. Based on these ranges we can assume the Language/Script of a string. Sub identifyLang(text As String) As String Dim lang = "Unknown" Dim code As Int = Asc(text) Select True Case code >=...
  5. H

    Wish Why sub name cannot use non-ASCII char but variables can?

    Sub Class_Globals Private 姓, 名 As String Private 小名 As String End Sub 'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed. Public Sub Initialize End Sub Public Sub Get姓名 as string return 姓&名 end sub Error description: 给定关键字不在字典中。
  6. S

    B4J Library PDF Creator and viewer

    Hello, Here are 3 classes : - PdfCreator : create PDF - PDFViewer : render PDF - clsFormPDF : form to preview PDF (Page navigation, Zoom, Print, Save) PdfCreator and PDFViewer wraps PDFBox You have to download pdfbox-app-2.0.20.jar and copy it in the additional folder You have to download...
  7. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how set UNICODE in jPDFjet library

    hi i want to use jPDFjet library https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jpdfjet.37842/ everything is ok but i have a problem with persian and arabic characters this chars dont show in pdf file after creat pdf anyone can help me ? i use this code but im getting error Dim PDFFont1 As...

    Android Question [solved] JSON encoding

    Hello, Please, i have a Json provided from an external DB Table like that : [{"Id":"1","Libelle":"CONFORT ET BIEN-ÊTRE","PictureId":"2428"}, {"Id":"14","Libelle":"AIDES...
  9. E

    B4J Question Unicode Words diplays in Labels..

    Hi All, I am making a Quiz Game in which Questions taken from Excel sheet...& displays in two label in two language...One is english and another is my language Hindi... Using Jpoi library I read the excel sheet sucessfully but English is ok....Hindi fonts are not properly displyed...I...
  10. W

    B4J Question Display emojis from unicode

    Hi all, Is it possible to display (e.g. in a TextField) emojis by using their Unicode as per https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html ? B4A's soft keyboard handles them flawlessly (as they're built into it) and I'd like to have similar functionality in B4J. Any hints would be...