Wish Why sub name cannot use non-ASCII char but variables can?


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Sub Class_Globals
    Private 姓, 名 As String
    Private 小名 As String
End Sub

'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
Public Sub Initialize
End Sub

Public Sub Get姓名 as string
    return 姓&名
end sub

Error description: 给定关键字不在字典中。


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"给定关键字不在字典中"对应英文异常信息应该是"The given key was not present in the dictionary", 这看上去像个bug, 因为这个提示让初学者不知所措. 不过我更希望作者能把它当作一个"Wish", 支持方法名中使用非ASCII字符, 这对于很多非英文用户来说是很有用的, 毕竟学一门外语相对于学编程难太多了, 对于我就是这样, 但我还是学会了c#和python, 学编程应比学语言有趣和容易, 而每当编程时都必需借助词典是非常痛苦的体验.

这是来自一个不会英语的编程爱好者的请求, 希望我的翻译软件和B4A作者都没有误解我的意思:)

The English exception information corresponding to "给定关键字不在字典中" should be "The given key was not present in the dictionary", which looks like a bug, because this prompt makes beginners confused. However, I hope the author can treat it as a "wish" and support the use of non ASCII characters in method names. This is very useful for many non English users. After all, learning a foreign language is much more difficult than learning programming. This is the case for me. But I still learned C # and python. Learning programming should be more interesting and easier than learning languages. It is a very painful experience to have to use a dictionary whenever programming.

This is a request from a programming enthusiast who does not speak English. I hope my translation software and the B4X author have not misunderstood my meaning:)


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This is also my wishlist. Many are interest in B4A Programming in China, and i believe according to the development of B4X, more and more Chinese developer will consider Program with it.