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  1. W

    Android Question USBSerial with multiple unknown VID / PID

    Hi all, I have a small app using UsbSerial 2.4 that talks to a handful of simialr but different devices that conform to the CDC device class, at first I was getting an "Error Opening USB Port 1" so I added:- usb1.SetCustomDevice(usb1.DRIVER_SILABS, 0x****, 0x**) Where * indicates the VID and...
  2. pauleffect

    Android Question [USB AUDIO CLASS]

    Hello. I have a usb headset (mic + headphones). I'd like to use the usb library to connect to the headset directly. Kinda like a USB Sniffer. Is it possible to open a device in shared access mode and see the traffic it generates? I'm interested in "sniffing" the isochronous endpoints.
  3. peacemaker

    Other Embedded Android system structure: any experience ?

    HI, All Who tried to assemble and develop the industrial system based on a Android smartphone ? Please, share your experience. Say, if we need a black-box that contains an Android smartphone and some peripherals: 0) Android smartphone with OTG + AC-DC power supply adapter 1) USB OTG-adapter +...