Other Embedded Android system structure: any experience ?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by peacemaker, Dec 13, 2018.

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    HI, All

    Who tried to assemble and develop the industrial system based on a Android smartphone ?
    Please, share your experience.

    Say, if we need a black-box that contains an Android smartphone and some peripherals:

    0) Android smartphone with OTG + AC-DC power supply adapter
    1) USB OTG-adapter + needed cables
    2) USB-hub + power adapter
    3) coolers + power adapter (maybe independent with termo-sensor)
    4) LED-lamps or torch + power adapter, for camera constant flash backlight
    5) maybe USB controller of some power relays, for toggling some peripherals - say, cooler. Anyone used any such USB relay (2, 4, 8 channels) controller ? Any suggestion for models and USB-host debugging ?
    6) AC power input for all the power adapters
    7) Is any "watch-dog" reset for whole the system possible ?

    Softwarely, i guess, Android app should control:

    0) Internet connection, mainly the GSM\3-4G mobile one
    1) remote control of the system: full output logging (and uploading the working result) and external income commands: what is better solution for Android (FTP, HTTP server)?
    2) battery temperature control - temperature of the system can go out a top limit ...
    3) camera, photos\QR-codes from it (if this is the main controlled parameter of the system)
    4) ... what forgotten ?

    Please, share your real experience and ideas
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