1. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library TDDButils Database Management for SQlite and SQLiteCipher

    Name: TDDBUtils Type: b4a, b4xlib Version: 1 (C): TechDoc G. Becker Royalty Free for Personally/Commercial use for B4X Board Members This additional B4A library makes the live of standard Database Management for SQLite (unencrypted) and SQLiteCipher (encrypted) Databases a little bit easier...
  2. Sgdva

    Share My Creation [Utility] Ishikawa (Fish Diagram)

    Thanks to this awesome software I was able to finish this project that I was not sure how to do it on Android studio, it was designed as I expected it to be and I could not be more happy with the results! The app is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AlvilleTech.Ishikawa...
  3. FrostCodes

    B4J Question Who is up to join me in my b4j Framework creation

    Recently i have been working on a framework for b4j that allows you to manipulate strings, data, data types with utilities functions that i am sure you would find useful especially the math utility for advance mathematical calculations and also it have a GUI like material UI part that support...