1. M

    Android Question [B4X] Update value of an item in CustomListView

    Hi everyone, is it possibile to update the value of an item of a custom list view? because i do not see any method for this, the only way i figured out is to: save the view using .GetPanel save the value using .GetValue update the value replace the item using .ReplaceAt and using the new value...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Extracting a value from a label in a custom list view clicked by a user

    Greetings, I'm trying to extract the value from a label that's in the custom list view item that the user clicks. Based on this thread and coding example, I set up this Type structure to get values from my custom list view when an item is clicked. Later I will be adding more items into the...
  3. P

    B4A Library SharedPreferences - Save Key-value data

    Hello When i used B4A for the first time, I felt something is missing. it was hard to save values using File.WriteString or even harder: File.WriteMap each time i had to Create a map and write it to a file if i wanted to save changes. i was waiting for anyone to write a library to make this...
  4. S

    B4A Class Get value from complex structure (combination of map, list, array)

    Hello, This is a module code to retrieve value from complex structure (combination of list, map, array and primitives types). Give the path with a dot (.) separator to get the value or the default value if not accessible. example : m=createmap("Name":"John" ,"Friends":array as...
  5. Matteo Granatiero

    Android Question Calculator

    In practice I need to add (as a value not as text) a number (+1) to a number entered in an EditBox. I tried so "rough" EditText1.Text = "1" Dim s As String = EditText1.Text Msgbox (s + 1, "") [/ CODE] My problem is this, which unfortunately leaves me, in the msgbox, "2.0". ONLY I will use the...
  6. K

    Android Question Custom View Default Value

    I create custom class, I assign some property and its default value to it, then I add custom view in activity and, then I change default value of property in custom view. But its update default value in my activity. What is solution for this?