1. Xela

    Italian Modulo DBRequestManager per VB.Net

    Buongiorno a tutti Mi trovo con un problema che devo risolvere velocemente. Ho un server dove si trova un applicativo web (fatto in Python e al quale si collegano diversi tablets), un paio di applicazioni VB.Net, e l'applicazione jRDC2 che mi consente di connettermi con dei palmari con...
  2. P

    B4J Question vb.net and jserver session variables

    Hello all, is it possible to have session variables stored when the client application is written in vb.net. I would like Jserver to maintain the same session ( with user id variable ) every time the client connects. With B4A and Jserver this was not an issue, works perfectly thank you
  3. A

    Android Question Webrequest for b4a

    I have this code in VB.net (windows) Imports System.Net Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim request As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create("www.myurl.com/file.php?w=" & notes.Text) request.GetResponse() End...
  4. A

    iOS Question Decrypt a string encrypted on ios

    Hi, I'm working on conversion my b4a app to b4i and have encrypt / decrypt problem I already have a code that does encryption / decryption on Android and on VB.NET on my server. b4a Sub Encrypt(dataToEncrypt As String ) As String Dim kg As KeyGenerator Dim c As Cipher Dim B64 As...
  5. B

    Android Question Best way to migrate working vb.net Project to B4A?

    Hi, i am new to B4A and android developing. I have some working vb.net Projects, which i want to run as an app on Android. What will be the best way to migrate a Project vom vb.net (Working on Desktop) to B4A (to get it working on Android)? If i missed an already existing thread to this, please...
  6. pereskjo

    Android Question Encrypt on Android - Decrypt on .Net

    Hi, I need to send a encrypted String from Android Phone to Windows computer. So I need a B4A Encrypt , and C# / vb.net Decrypt code. I have tried various DES, 3DES libraries. So if any one of you have got this right, please post the code below.