1. M

    iOS Question Add subtitle to VideoPlayer?

    Hi, How to add external subtitle file to VideoPlayer? For example: VideoPlayer1.Play VideoPlayer1.LoadSubtitle(File.DirInternal,Subtitle.str) see this in github
  2. mcqueccu

    iOS Question How to play in background with Videoplayer from iui8

    I have been streaming an online radio with imedia lib but it seems it now deprecated so I switched to iui8 lib but my problem is the streaming pauses when the app looses focus or the screen goes off. I need a continuous play in the background, please help
  3. Gerardo52

    iOS Question Using videoplayer in IOS with mp4 files

    Hi, I am trying to use videoplayer in an iOs app. All works fine but the audio not works. I use a mp4 file The app is running on an Ipad2 with IOS last update. Does anyone have some fix to this ? Thank you indeed