1. Guenter Becker

    Wish New Properties

    Dear Developers on 2023 and before you did a good job. Special Thank you goes to Erel based on his competent and excellent managing of the Forum Posts. This are my whises: Additional Database Properties to each View, ColumnName string, ColumnType string Additional Identification Property to...
  2. A

    Android Question Strange behavior of Canvas

    I need to make a background for the views so that only part of the image is visible. For example, the top half. Standard code. imvForeground is already built into the Activity. Dim cvs As Canvas Dim img As Bitmap Dim Rect1 As Rect Dim Rect2 As Rect cvs.Initialize(imvForeground)...
  3. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library extended Native Views

    Good Day to the audiance, I hope all of you are well. Have you ever thought that the native Views could have some more properties like a unique ViewID or the possibility to attach the databaound Column Name a.s.o. I often had theses whishes and over the time I coded the needed functions again...
  4. N

    Spanish Orden de los views en el layout

    Hola. Hace un tiempo leí un hilo referente al orden de los views en el layout. Hago búsquedas que no dan resultado, tampoco recuerdo si estaba en inglés (creo que en español). Se hacía referencia a que al ir añadiendo views, dentro del layout se les asignaba un número por orden de creación. Ese...
  5. Claude Obiri Amadu

    Android Question How to create Create Diagonal Cut View?

    Been looking in the forum to find an example of how to cut a view like the ones below. Can anyone help?
  6. MarcRB

    B4J Question Whats the best way to handle multiple Windows/Views

    Sorry for my bad Englisch: I'm rebuilding an old ERP application, that I wrote some years ago in Visual Basic (MDI style with toolbar). This time I will create the application with B4J as a MS Windows desktop application. That application has a lot of windows for example: customers, pricelist...
  7. Guenter Becker

    Android Question TechDoc G. Becker B4XLibs, Apps and PC Software

    Dear Board Member, like to find something special? Please find below an overview of all my work published in the forum. I wrote this list to make live easier for you. Interested in TechDoc? This is a German one man 'show' for industrial it consulting, training and software development. Since...
  8. Carlos Huerta

    Android Question Parallax effect on views for B4A (Just like B4i)

    Greetings! First of all, I hope for anyone reading this they are doing very well. Please take care and remember to wash your hands! ❤ Now for my question: Is there any method to achieve the same parallax effect on views from B4i, in views on B4A?. There is a method called...
  9. Sagenut

    Android Question Add CustomView by code Multiple times

    This question refer to this discussion: In the linked discussion has been given the solution how to add a CustomView by code: making a dedicated layout with the CustomView and loading the...
  10. M

    [B4X] Double (Multi) Column CLV

    Hi everyone, recently i needed to implement an double column list in one of my app. I was ispired by an @Erel example, but i needed something slightly different, so i did this (i want to share with you, maybe could be useful to someone even if is a simple thing): (it support odd number of...

    Wish Past format

    Hello, I dont know if it would be usefull , or if that already exists but that i have not see With the designer tool, when a complicated layout creation i would get the "Past Format" button for copying the settings on all selected views (with same type) ? have a good week Regards
  12. aeric

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] XUI Views - Time Dialog

    I want a better dialog for time input so I created this time (picker) dialog using B4X XUI Views and IME library. I think the code has too many lines. Hope someone can simplify or improve it. Note: I haven't tested but I think this code can also work for B4i and B4J. Update: I have tested with...
  13. A

    Android Question Is there an Activity object model?

    Hi All, Can I reference all the views attached to an activity via something like the Javascript DOM? I remember seeing something like this but I can't find an example now. If a layout was added with multiple panels, buttons, lists, etc and some views added via code... Can I access each view...
  14. LucaMs

    Other Views declared in Process_Globals

    Is this a question? Yes but mainly it is a... "discovery"/info. You can not declare a View in Process_Globals (the message you get is: but... you can declare there a Type containing Views and use an object of that type in your Activity. Tested so: Sub Process_Globals Type tViews(CV As...
  15. C

    Android Question Newbie: What is the proper way to create a grid?

    I have looked at the forum for a few days and I cannot find a simple grid example. Using labels, I made a grid with row headers and column headers. I am sure that this is not the way to do it. Can someone help? The headers should be a different color from the body and horizontal and vertical...
  16. M

    Android Question Draw panel views programatically on PDF Canvas

    Hi, I have seen examples in the forum of taking screen shots of panels and saving them to a canvas and bitmap image. My trouble is I am trying to draw views to a PDF canvas (or any canvas) programmatically with no views displayed on a layout at the time. I was able to solve this in B4i using...
  17. konradwalsh

    Android Question [SOLVED] Set Equal Position of Views in Panel

    Hi I have searched and search and cannot find a specific answer to my question; I have a panel. It may have 1 checkbox or up to 8. I add the checkbox dynamically. How can I position them so that it goes 1 2 5 6 3 4 7 8 This is the code I have used to achieve this: If i Mod 2...