1. R

    B4J Question B4JVLCj Library - Exposing Video Properties

    I have just been playing with the excellent library B4JVLCj by @moster67 that allows you embed VLC media player within a B4J desktop application. Within certain limitations it all seems to work as advertised. In trying to push it a little further I would like to extract the Video Codec name or...
  2. Hackito

    Share My Creation IPTV para Dispositivos ANDROID - VENTA

    Apk completo para empezar tu empresa de venta de apk para iptv, con motor de reproducción actualizado, varias opciones de reproducción incluyendo reproducción web que te permite reproducir videos directamente de páginas como ok.ru.. Es una aplicación estable con TODAS las HERRAMIENTAS para...
  3. behnam_tr

    Share My Creation (b4j) vlc local and Url video player

    hi thanks @moster67 for wrapping Vlcj i only add seekbar and convert to class for use in other projects and fullscreen mode sample and lib+jars atteched. Download Jars
  4. muhammadali213123

    Android Question Can I get libvlc.jar to be use in b4a ?

    Please don't delete my post. I am already depressed and helpless. I didn't added any bad thing. And if added then please correct me.Thanks! As you know all that vlc isn't just a video player But also an open source framework shared across tons of platforms. They give you a lib called libvlc...
  5. Dadaista

    Wish B4A wrapper of ACESTREAM(Android)

    I would like to use this wrapper in my android tv like the wrapper of VLC from @moster67.:):)