1. A

    Android Question Voice Recognition Issue

    I am working on a project in B4A, that requires voice recognition. After searching the forum I have realized that included Phone.VoiceRecognition library is not suitable for my needs. My needs are as follows: - No dialog or popup - Works offline - Ability to give it a list of words (or grammar)...
  2. R

    Android Question Speechrecogniton issue

    Hi, since few days, when i use speechrecognition an toast message, laying over the lower half of my screen with this message: 'your audio will be sent to google to provide speech recognition service...' This message is usefull only one time per user, but it seems to stay forever? Does anybody...
  3. DaniDPX

    Share My Creation GondarVR - Ancient Catstle in Ethiopia

    Hello team B4X, for several weeks I was building a VR and Virtual tour platform called Guzomap.com. and I was trying to add contents to it whenever I got a chance to travel. Yesterday we just shared 2nd Android app (made with B4A) and a WebVR that is built on top of A-Frame. Please Enjoy the...