Android Question Voice Recognition Issue

Andrew King

Licensed User
I am working on a project in B4A, that requires voice recognition.
After searching the forum I have realized that included Phone.VoiceRecognition library is not suitable for my needs.

My needs are as follows:
- No dialog or popup
- Works offline
- Ability to give it a list of words (or grammar) that it will only look for. (For instance if I have a list of words that are numbers one, two, three, four, etc., then when I say "four" it will not pick up "for"
- Continuous (if available, not a deal breaker though as I can use events to loop it)
- Compatible with Text-To-Speech calls immediately after Speech-To-Text (doesn't crash)
-Reliable for most modern Android phones

I have searched through the forum and found a few libraries, however am confused about certain features.
Which library free or paid do you recommend for my application that suits the above needs?

Thanks in advance.