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  1. D

    Android Question Problem with Try Catch and Wait for

    Hi, Guys I appear to have a problem when I insert a resummable sub, within a try/catch block i.e. ' This will work Ok if the is error in DoSomething() - ' Try a = DoSomething(...) Catch Log(LastException) ' Catch works and traps the error End Try ' However if DoSomething() returns...
  2. C

    Wish Autocomplete Event names with Wait For

    Hi, I had a bad time searching for a bug where the program logic hung. It turned out I wrote Wait For Msgbox_Respond (...) instead of Wait For Msgbox_Result (...) Same problem when I used Wait For JobComplete ... instead of Wait For JobDone ... The problem is that neither the IDE nor the...
  3. A

    Android Question Wait For with OkHTTPUtils2 and CallSubDelayed

    Hi, I have a question. I created a small project (see the attachment) where I tried to learn how to work with a subject. I created a class where I put all the logic -the main procedure in this class calls a private sub that sends request to the server Sub Class_Globals Public FacilityID...
  4. stingrae

    Android Question Http Job Wait For Hangs

    Hi, I can't seem to figure this out. When I call the following code, it hangs on the Wait For: Dim strThisURL As String = "URL of my API" Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("" , Me) j.Download(strThisURL) Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob) ' Hangs Here Dim MyDataList As List Dim...
  5. behnam_tr

    B4J Question how use "wait for" to check file existing

    hi i creat a pdf file in my b4j app using printhtml and jshell and i save that in my app folder then i upload to myhost after runing jshell complet event i use sleep(4000) then file is ready for upload.... now i want to use "wait for" instead of sleep to checking file exist without using sleep...
  6. LucaMs

    B4A Class [B4X] WaitForWithTimeout --> TimeoutHandler

    I have read many times the request for a "Wait For" with the addition of a timeout. This class is an attempt to implement that functionality. It is a B4X class, in the sense that it can be used with B4A, B4J and B4i; after all it uses only one B4XView which is completely optional and almost...
  7. avalle

    B4J Question [Server] Wait For a SQLite data to change

    Hi, I understand how to use Wait For in a B4J Server Handler. However I have no idea how to pause a server handler class waiting for some data in a SQLite database to change. Anyone so kind to help? Thanks Andrea

    Android Question [Solved] Job with wait for into a class

    Hello, I have a lot of sub routines that execute some poststrings actions with an ASP API. So i have put the whole in a separate Code Module , like for example sending email directly via the API (its more simpler and lighter for the app) : Sub SendAnEmail(QSTT As String, QSMESS As String...
  9. S

    Android Question Multiple Runtime Permissions / Wait For.. Complete not working? RESOLVED

    I am trying to update an app that was based on the old Bluetooth example so may not take advantage of all the latest developments in program structure. I do not write programs for B4A very often as I mostly have to use Embedded C or design electronics. My apps are used to support our embedded...
  10. Steve Kwok

    Android Question Wait For inside Threading always escape

    Hi, All. I would like to download data from internet periodically by background thread. With reference to: Threading library https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/threading-library.6775/, I changed the code as follow but get freezed :( Sub ThreadSub3 'Dim Count As Int = 0 Dim...
  11. rossati

    Android Question Wait for timer event

    I would like to execute some code and wait for it to complete, but I can't use Wait For sub because my application is not monolithic, so I'm trying the Timer, that is when the application ends, I start a timer for some time hoping that this may be intercepted. Unfortunately this does not work...
  12. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question Using SoundPool to make a sentence

    Hi all, I have been hacking my way through building an app with offline maps, a database of markers and alerts as a marker comes near. It is all working fine as I post an alert to the screen with all the relevant information using ToastMessageShow. What I want to add as an option is a verbal...
  13. William Lancee

    Share My Creation Number Cruncher and Statistical Package Integrator

    The principle behind this app is that "time is money". I have worked most of my life as a research scientist and consultant, and I can say that I have wasted a huge amount of time ($) because of poor software and data management tools. It is not so much that the tools don't work, they do...
  14. L

    Android Question Wait For Error. WeakReference NullPointerException

    Hi everyone, I developed in my app the comunication with a fiscal printer. I do it opening a socket and writing the comands in the stream. I load the comands in a strings array and then I write them to the fiscal printer in a loop. I have to wait the response from the fiscal printer (with the...
  15. L

    Italian Problema con Wait For Stream_newdata

    Ciao a tutti, Ho sviluppato nella mia applicazione la comunicazione con un misuratore fiscale, apro un socket su questo e scrivo i vari comandi nel flusso. Ad ogni comando inviato devo però intercettare la risposta da questo per verificarne l'esito, cosa che ho gestito con i wait for. Esempio...
  16. Sandman

    Wish [B4X] Ensure ”sender” value is always returned in Libs to enable Resumable Subs

    This Wish springs from this topic: Not possible to use Wait For with OkHttpResponse.StreamFinish? https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/not-possible-to-use-wait-for-with-okhttpresponse-streamfinish.97620/ It’s absolutely not the end of the world if I can’t always use Resumable Subs. That...
  17. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Not possible to use Wait For with OkHttpResponse.StreamFinish?

    I’m using a slightly modified OkHttpUtils. (It’s modified to be more specialized when communicating with the API on my server.) In it there's an event _ResponseSuccess that contains this: ' Response is an OkHttpResponse Response.GetAsynchronously("response", File.OpenOutput(temp_folder...
  18. LucaMs

    Android Question Pause [wrong - to be deteled]

  19. CanguroCode

    B4J Question How to use 'wait for' in a Mqtt Class

    I have a mqtt class for broker connection, send messages and receive messages. The logic that I use is: 1. Client publish message to topic: "mytopic" 2. In the other side an Script is subscribed to the topic: "mytopic" 3. As soon as the message is received, the script publishes in: "response"...
  20. Vania Contreras

    Spanish Duda para que no se cuelgue mi aplicación mientras sincronizo con una base de datos

    Hola relativamente soy nuevo en B4A pero he venido trabajando en visual basic, pero aun no acabo de comprender la parte de los procesos en background, estoy generando una aplicación que dentro de una lan sincroniza una base de datos SQL server en una local en SQLite para poder portar la...