1. Drops

    Android Question (Wait For) wait only x second , if no response exit.

    Hello, I need help with my problem. I can use (waitfor) to udp packet received, if packet no received for ex.10 second then close (waitfor) and continue program. Wait For EventName_PacketArrived (Packet As UDPPacket)
  2. H

    B4J Question Sleep and WaitFor With Webview

    i want use "WaitFor" without stopping WebView. When i use "WaitFor" my WebView flashplayer and movable objects(Animations/Gif's) goes pausing. I do not want "WaitFor" to interfere in WebView's work.
  3. Didier9

    B4J Question Need help with WaitFor [solved]

    I have not had much success using WaitFor At the moment, I want to use it to trap either one of two boolean flags after I send a command via AStream. One flag is set when I received a message via AStream_NewData the other is set in a TimeOutTimer_Tick event if the command times out. So I would...
  4. L

    B4J Question Using Wait For for 2 different events

    I need to trap both HTTP POST 'success' and 'error' conditions within a single sub... I'm currently using OkHttp to POST API calls to a service and I have 2 Wait For statements as follows: Wait For postRequest_ResponseError ( ....) (some code) Wait For postRequest_ResponseSuccess ( ...)...
  5. F

    Android Question Problem with WaitFor - Object context is paused (HttpJob)

    Hello, I'm trying to interrogate a webservice using HttpJob with the code below, but it keeps displaying this message "Object context is paused. Ignoring CallSubDelayed: JobDone". I have another function in this class which does basically the same thing and it works fine. What am I missing...