watchface library

  1. s_kim

    Android Question WearOS watchface: is there a way to shorten the Ambient mode refresh interval?

    Hi there, I am new at B4A, so I apologize in advance if my question(s) seem very basic to most of you... I am trying to develop a watchface for Wear OS 2 and use Corwin42's watchface library. My question is whether anyone knows a sensible way to shorten the Ambient mode refresh interval. I...
  2. s_kim

    Android Question WatchFace library (corwin42): unable to remove or change initial watchface examples

    Hi, I have two questions with regard to corwin42's excellent WatchFace library: 1. I installed the examples via the WatchfaceMobile app (since my WearOS watches (LG Watch Sport and LG Watch W7) do not support UBS direct connection) and they work fine. But when I started experimenting (first...