Android Question WatchFace library (corwin42): unable to remove or change initial watchface examples


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I have two questions with regard to corwin42's excellent WatchFace library:

1. I installed the examples via the WatchfaceMobile app (since my WearOS watches (LG Watch Sport and LG Watch W7) do not support UBS direct connection) and they work fine. But when I started experimenting (first change was simply to change the color of the seconds in the digital watchface to red), I noticed that the initial watchfaces were unchanged and I am unable to remove them since!

I tried (ALL without success): uninstalling the "B4A Watchface Example" app via Android settings/apps (after selecting a different watchface on the watches); simply updating the old watchfaces with the updated code; renaming the examples (in the manifest and both apps, i.e. the WatchfaceWear app and the WatchfaceMobile app) to install simply two more watchfaces (but they never appeared in the WearOS watchface menu); uninstalling and re-installing the WearOS app (note: the B4A Watchface Example watchfaces remained in the watchface selection options). Also restarting the watch, restarting the phone, restarting the B4A Windows pc.

Does anyone have a tip how to remove the watchfaces, such that I can install new ones? What am I missing?

2. The other question relates to the WatchFace library itself: does anyone know whether it is generally possible to use activities for the watchface, like for example the list box? Rather than drawing text on the canvas, I would prefer to use a list box, as I would like to have a scrollable list with many lines on the watchface (and not have to emulate the scrolling by re-drawing the textbox with different content positions).

Any input would be greatly appreciated!