1. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question How to access real-time weather data by GPS coordinates?

    I hope there are already examples or options for solving problem the real-time weather. I want, based on GPS coordinates, to have temperature, wind speed and wind direction data in ON-Line mode from Internet.
  2. R

    Android Question Help in Parsing Weather Json and showing it on label

    Hello, I need a small help or an example. I have a small section in my App where I want to show the live Weather plus weather conditions for the next 3 days. I am using accuweather for this. I am getting the following json data response. { "Headline": { "EffectiveDate"...
  3. Mark Read

    B4J Tutorial Read and graph Thingspeak data

    In this thread, I explained how to build a weather station with a Wemos mini and an UDP Receiver to show the data. This is great for the present value but to be able to see a trend we need something else. Yes there are apps already for IOS and Android in the stores but what fun is that! This...