web service

  1. red30

    Android Question Transferring data to the server

    I have a GMS module which can work with MQTT and Web Service. I need to get data from it and store it somewhere. As I understood from the forum, I cannot run my own MQTT server. So I settled on Web Service. I imagine it like this: on an Android or Windows device, I run a server that I can access...
  2. aeric

    Share My Creation JQuiz - API Server for B4XQuiz

    This is the full source code for B4XQuiz server. SQL script to generate database in post #2 For B4XQuiz client app, please check: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4jquiz-desktop-app.124202/ Update It is now easier to create Web API Server using B4X Template Check...
  3. rraswisak

    mStock-BIZ: Source code available for donation

    Important Note: Please noted that this is quiet old project i made in the past, all works at that time and it is also work when compiled with B4A version 10.2 beta with project code as is. Greeting all, I would like to sell share source-code of application created by me with B4A. The...
  4. rraswisak

    Share My Creation mStock-BIZ: Mobile Stock for Business

    Greetings all, It's been a year and half since i know and decide to buy and learn B4A, learning and asking from this great community - and finally i finish my second app created with B4A at my spare time, it's called mStock-BIZ that proudly want to share with you. What is mStock-BIZ ...
  5. X

    Android Question unexpected end of stream on okhttp3

    Hi,when I connect web service has a error :unexpected end of stream on okhttp3.Address@c1d37c3f how I can resolve thanks Sub zx1_scan_result (scantext As String, scanformat As String) Log ("B4A scan text = " & scantext) Log ("B4A scan format = " & scanformat) b3_Click...