1. walterf25

    B4J Question Successful Business ABMaterial Framework Stories.

    Hi all, I would like to read from any success stories using ABMaterial framework, has anyone actually either for personal business purposes or for a client built a successful web app that is still currently being used by more than 1000 users on a daily basis. The reason I ask this question is...
  2. Mashiane

    SithasoDaisy: Mashy Teaches TailwindCSS using b4x (with eBook)

    Get SithasoDaisy for $15 here. Welcome to the SithasoDaisy world. Check $5 WebApps Join on Telegram Get the eBook See it in action on Netlify or See it from a FlipBook SithasoDaisy is a library of components...
  3. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Convert Android app to website

    Is it possible for me to convert my application to a web version? I mean, my application can also be accessed and displayed through a browser by entering a domain. I downloaded a program a few days ago and later found out that it also has a website. When I went to his website, I came across...
  4. saeed10051

    B4J Question using AB Material for website development

    There is a site which is simple with some link and tabs and an email support I need to know if there is a working example available to build this type of website through AB Material
  5. KMatle

    Android Code Snippet HTML-Standalone QR-code generator for websites

    I placed it here as I use it with a B4A app... Sometimes you need a QR-code generator in your website (which is working together with B4x). I searched for a standalone creator which is easy to handle. I came to this site: QR-code generator. I uses Javascript to generate the QR-code. I've...
  6. Mashiane

    Share My Creation [BANano] WebSites, WebApps, Frameworks Created with BANano

    This will feature some websites & webapps created with BANano We have liftoff...;) Public Website: Update: Added Online Application Module for registration...