1. Mashiane

    SithasoDaisy: Mashy Teaches TailwindCSS using b4x (with eBook)

    Get SithasoDaisy for $15 here. Welcome to the SithasoDaisy world. Get the eBook See it in action on Netlify or See it from a FlipBook SithasoDaisy is a library of components built on top of TailwindCSS and the DaisyUI frameworks to help you create WebApps, WebSites, Single Page Application...
  2. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Convert Android app to website

    Is it possible for me to convert my application to a web version? I mean, my application can also be accessed and displayed through a browser by entering a domain. I downloaded a program a few days ago and later found out that it also has a website. When I went to his website, I came across...
  3. saeed10051

    B4J Question using AB Material for website development

    There is a site which is simple with some link and tabs and an email support I need to know if there is a working example available to build this type of website through AB Material
  4. KMatle

    Android Code Snippet HTML-Standalone QR-code generator for websites

    I placed it here as I use it with a B4A app... Sometimes you need a QR-code generator in your website (which is working together with B4x). I searched for a standalone creator which is easy to handle. I came to this site: QR-code generator. I uses Javascript to generate the QR-code. I've...
  5. Mashiane

    Share My Creation [BANano] WebSites, WebApps, Frameworks Created with BANano

    This will feature some websites & webapps created with BANano We have liftoff...;) Public Website: Update: Added Online Application Module for registration...