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  1. aironium

    Android Question How to obtain the current webpage title of the Webview?

    For context, I am currently developing an app for my capstone project (I call it Zyngil, a debt manager for micro-stores/variety stores in the Philippines). The sign up page is a B4xpage object with a webview... er view. Honestly I don't know if I am asking the correct question, but yeah, I want...
  2. H

    Spanish Webview subida de archivos

    Buenas tardes colegas, he realizado una web simple en php con Wordpress y he creado mediante B4A un webview para mostrarla. Mis problemas surgen cuando en una parte de la web, como muestra la imagen que adjunto, el usuario tiene que subir una foto mediante un formulario. El asunto es que si...
  3. S

    Android Question Catch URL from ad displayed on webview

    Hello, I'm playing a bit with ads. So I'm using an JS script from an ad agency on my website and it works very good. I've made a test B4A project and it I'm loading a separate html file from my server (perhaps the html file could also be in the assets folder) into the webview, the ad is...
  4. pwnzerjan

    Android Question B4A Webview not fully working

    can someone help me with my WebView the website is not fully loading and when i try it in my Laptop Browser it is 100% Working
  5. tznikos

    B4J Question WebView starting in Mobile mode

    Hi, I want the web server to consider the webview as mobile Thanks