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  1. hanyzafarany

    Android Question Annoying white screen

    Hello to all My friends, I have an annoying problem. Why do I get a white screen before the activity loads when I compile the app? This problem is not in b4xpages and when we click on the program icon on the phone, the activity is immediately loaded and no white screen is shown before it. But I...
  2. SJQ

    Android Question Home Launcher in Android 10+

    Hi All, I created a B4X home launcher app several years ago (2016) and until recently it’s been working well on dozens of device types. However, recently (on newer devices) the B4X Home launcher starts an application as expected, for example Netflix or BBC iPlayer or another app etc. The...
  3. M

    Android Question Android ugly glitches (White screen before loading layout and more)

    Hi everyone, i'm completing an app, but i really wish to solve those problems that i always had in these years using B4A. Glitch 1: I'm in Activity "A", i press a button to go to Activity "B". Before showing the Activity "B" layout there is this ugly white screen in between, and then the layout...
  4. R

    Android Question How to view 'Wunderground' web pages in Webview

    I cannot display any webpages from the weather site Wunderground in a webview. The webpage loads but then switches to a solid white screen. I have tried using chrome client as well but no luck. The sites display properly in PC browsers and in other browsers on android. Sample URLs are...