windows 11

  1. J

    Android Question Android apps on Windows 11

    The Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 lets you port your Android app to Windows 11 users. The app needs to be compatible with Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for handling window resizing and mapping input controls to be accepted in this appstore. Do we have the capability in B4A to attain this...
  2. johnmie

    B4J Question DirAssets under Windows 11

    Just bought a new computer with Windows 11 on it. Now my app does not seem to recognize DirAssets any more: MainForm.Show Dim PagesManager As B4XPagesManager PagesManager.Initialize(MainForm) Log("URI = "&File.GetUri(File.DirAssets, "")&" Urfolder = "&Z.urfolder)...
  3. M

    Android Question [B4X] MacBook Pro M1 M2 ARM

    Hi everyone, im planning to buy a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon processor. I know that is possibile to run Windows 11 through Parallels. The question is: Can I continue to use Anywhere Softwares (B4A, B4i, B4J) with it? or there are some cases in which there will be limitations or problems...
  4. Cebuvi

    Spanish B4A en Windows 11

    Buenas tardes, estoy pensando en empazar a trabajar con B4A en un nuevo PC con Windows 11. Al parecer no es nesesario instalar Genymotion y se pueden probar las aplicaciones directamente en Windows. He visto un tutorial en este enlace...